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We love Children’s Landing and Dr. Tew! I have been taking my almost 3-year-old daughter there since her first teeth came through. The location is perfect for us and their office is very cute and kid-friendly. Though there is never a need to, my daughter could probably play for hours in the “tree house.” The office has always been very flexible and accommodating of our schedules and our time. The desk staff are friendly and kind and know my daughter by name. We have always gotten back to see a hygienist promptly. I love the assistants there and feel they are particularly great with kids. They have been flexible with my daughter since she is younger and do not expect her to do everything. I love that they won’t force her if it is a time when she is feeling hesitant or stubborn. Their main goal is to make sure she feels comfortable and has a positive experience. Because of this attitude, it has been easier each time to take my daughter to the dentist and I am so grateful for this. Dr. Tew is fantastic. He really knows his stuff and is really detail-oriented. Like his hygienists, his main goal is to create a positive experience for my daughter. He puts her at ease and only does what is comfortable for her. When we took my daughter in at 18 months, Dr. Tew found several cavities on her front teeth. I was devastated. He gave us some great info and talked about our options. I did not want to have to sedate her to take care of them at such a young age. With his help, we were able to keep the decay at bay and hold off on treatment until she was older. When she turned 2, Dr. Tew worked with us on options for what would be best for her. We decided to give her Versed and brought her in early in the morning to fill one cavity and get rid of the others. What could have been a horrible experience for myself and my daughter ended up being remarkably easy and painless. My daughter did so well with it and has no memory or fear of returning to the dentist. I am so especially grateful for Dr. Tew’s knowledge, skill, care, and willingness to change what worked best for him for what worked best for my daughter.

The Hillyard Family