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Some fun facts about shark teeth and eating habits on SHARK WEEK!

Shark teeth are popular and often inexpensive beach souvenirs. Sharks shed their teeth constantly.

Shark teeth don’t get cavities. This makes them strong and great for tearing prey.

Frilled sharks have 300 razor sharp teeth in 25 rows.

One prehistoric shark had sharp teeth and head spikes that gave it a devilish appearance, thus its name: “devil tooth.”

Swallow don’t chew. Sharks do not chew their food like people do.

An extinct shark called the helicoprion had a circular blade of teeth in its mouth. It looked like the world’s first pizza cutter!

Human teeth are as hard as shark teeth, though they are made of different minerals.

Unlike humans, whose upper jaw is a fixed part of the skull, sharks can dislocate and protrude their upper jaw to grab and hang onto prey.

Blue sharks are piggy eaters. They’ll keep eating until they regurgitate, after which they go back to eating!

Sharks do not follow the same three-meals-a-day eating schedule as humans do. They eat when they find food, regardless of time and hunger