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Have you ever heard of sedation dentistry? Sedation dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses primarily on treatments to help individuals deal with stress and anxiety when visiting the dentist’s office. If your child suffers from anxiety and is often overcome with fear or stress when visiting our pediatric office, consider a sedative treatment next time they visit.

Laughing gas, which is a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide, can be administered during an oral health care treatment to help a child relax and put them in a state of euphoria. It works by placing a mask over an individual’s mouth and nose from which they can breathe in the gas and relax for any work that needs to be done. However, if you prefer a stronger treatment to help deal with any stress or pain you may experience, there are multiple options.

Oral sedation exists as pills for ingestion. Once ingested, the sedative normally takes up to an hour to effectively kick in. If you’re looking for a treatment that is instantaneous, you can have sedatives inserted directly into your bloodstream via an IV sedation. Both oral and IV sedation are designed to have adjustable dosages depending on the level of sedation required, including up to putting a patient to sleep.

For the deepest sedation, general sedation via anesthesia can be administered to help keep a patient in a deep sleep while complex oral health care procedures or surgeries are administered. An anesthetic is extremely powerful and can keep a person in a deep sleep from which they will not awake until the anesthetic has completely worn off. Speak with your pediatric dentist about which forms of oral sedation if you would prefer for your child.

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