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If you’re one who enjoys giving Easter gifts to your children, then our dentists, Dr. Michael Tew and Dr. Kristy Rogers, have some tips for you. Sometimes Easter gifts can cause dental issues, which can be quite painful, inconvenient and troublesome for your little ones. So why don’t you try giving smile-healthy Easter gifts this year? To help you do so, our dentist has a few ideas for you. Some smile-healthy Easter gifts could include:

-Sugar-free candy: Sugar-free candy is much better than sugary candy because it doesn’t promote cavities or other dental issues as you chew it. So, if possible, give your loved ones sugar-free candy. That way they can have yummy Easter treats without putting their smile in danger.

-Sugar-free gum: Sugar-free gum can keep the jaw busy as well as help you prevent cavities. This is because as you chew it, you produce saliva. Saliva washes the bacteria away and cleans the smile. Just make sure to give your loved ones sugar-free gum. Sugary gum can promote cavities instead of prevent them.

-An electric toothbrush: An electronic toothbrush can make brushing fun and exciting. It can help your loved one enjoy caring for their smile! So, feel free to talk to our team about which electric toothbrush is best.

If you give your children gifts like these, they could have a great Easter as well as a strong and healthy smile. Do you have any questions about smile-healthy Easter gifts in West Jordan, Utah? If so, please contact our dental team at Children's Landing Pediatric Dentistry. When you dial 801.282.1802, we will be more than happy to help you in any way we can. We look forward to hearing from you!