First Dental Appointment for Kids: Common Questions Asked

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If you have questions about your child’s first dental appointment, then our dental team is happy to help you find the answers you’re looking for. If you know the answers, you might feel more comfortable and relaxed as your child sits in the dental chair. So, our dentist, Dr. Michael C. Tew, is happy to help you find some answers by answering these commonly asked questions:

Q: What will happen at the appointment?

A: Our dental team will introduce ourselves to your child and get to know them a little bit. Then, we will take X-rays of your child’s smile to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Next, our dentist will gently examine your child’s mouth and then will send you both on your way.

Q: Can I be there next to my child?

A: You can most definitely be next to your child. You can even hold their hand if you feel it is necessary. When you are there with your child, it can help them feel more comfortable during the appointment.

Q: What if my child has a cavity?

A: Your dentist will ensure that you and your child are comfortable with treatment. Then, they will treat the cavity either during the same appointment or during a future appointment. At that time, they will be extremely gentle and calming when treating the cavity to ensure your child remains comfortable.

Do you have additional questions that weren’t included in this blog? If so, our dental team is more than happy to help you. All you need to do is contact Children’s Landing Pediatric Dentistry at 801-282-1802 and we will be thrilled to give you the answers and information you need.