The Things You Can Do to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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Baby bottle tooth decay is a condition affecting the mouth, teeth, and gums of children younger than the age of 6. When a child has baby bottle tooth decay, their mouth is affected by cavities and could also suffer from potential tooth loss. If you’re vigilant with your child’s dental care at your home and you bring them into our office for professional cleanings often, you can keep your child guarded against baby bottle tooth decay.

If your child is presently still on a pacifier, do not ever dip the pacifier in honey or something sweet before giving it to them: their oral cavity, like yours, is susceptible to excess amounts of sugar intake, and they may create cavities if they’re given too much sugar all at once.

Do not ever lick or share spoons (or pacifiers) with your child. The bacterial acids in your mouth can be hurtful for their teeth.

When you give your child a bottle, do not fill it with any drinks besides milk, breastmilk or formula. Sugary drinks like soda and juice may soothe a child for a moment, but the tooth decay that regularly ensues is sure to leave them restless for a long while to come.

Although baby teeth are tiny, they are important to your child’s oral health, now and in the future. Make sure that you bring your child to the dentist by their first birthday or half a year after their first tooth erupts.

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